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Modi Infotech provides cost effective windows hosting on powerful Windows 2008 servers on Helm Control panel with complete features like ASP .net, webmail, Ms access, MSSQL Database, website statistics , Java Servlets / Jsp* support and much more. Windows hosting is based on the Windows operating system. It is known for support of various programming frameworks, including and ColdFusion. Windows hosting can also support SQL server, which can be used to build a site around an online searchable database. Windows based hosting or servers are ideal for those who need easy compatibility of Microsoft based technologies. The cost of Windows web hosting is generally higher than Linux based hosting due to licensing of various Windows environment technologies. There are few open source solutions for Windows hosting. Website development company Haridwar, website designing company Haridwar, website developer, web designer, web marketing, web advertising, hardware solution, software solution, domain registration, web hosting,

Windows hosting makes use of Microsoft’s proprietary Windows software for the host server. In contrast with Linux hosting, Windows hosting allows integration primarily with Microsoft’s own products and services. For example, if you plan dynamic web content, you have to use ASP (Active Server Pages) or the advanced ASP.NET as your programming language, both created by Microsoft to be linked to SQL databases. Interestingly, if you choose MySQL as your database, you may opt for either Linux hosting or Windows hosting, but in case your choice for database is MS Access, your option is only Windows hosting.

Windows hosting has limited support for CGI / Perl, so if you’re favorite scripts are in Perl, it has to be Linux hosting for you. Coming to cost analysis, Windows hosting is costly not only because of proprietary software, but also due to the fact that Windows servers as such are costly, compared to servers used for Linux hosting. Windows hosting standard features for all packages

  • Zen Control Panel
  • POP3 Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Access
  • SQL 2008
  • MS Access
  • ASP.NET Support
  • Front Page 2002 Extn.
  • CDONTS Mail Component
  • ASP 3.5
  • Unlimited Auto responders
  • Detailed Web Statistics
  • Access to Raw Log Files
  • Server Side Includes
  • SSL Support
  • Webmail Support
  • Free Outgoing SMTP Support
  • Servlets/Jsp Support*

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